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Erasmus+ – Last stop: Slovakia

  For the past two years, high schools from Greece, Denmark, Finland, Italy and Slovakia have been cooperating on a large-scale Erasmus+ project – GENIUS – young entrepreneurs in European countries. The goal of this project was to give young people an opportunity to suggest and develop their business idea, which they presented on a… Continue reading Erasmus+ – Last stop: Slovakia

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Legacy of Erasmus – Croatia

The importance of the work of Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam rests for the most part in opening eyes, in shedding light where darkness resided. In a way, Erasmus continues to do this to the present day, indirectly, through a project of the European Union named in his honor.


Stalker (en)

              You are probably familiar with the feeling. An empty street, as the evening falls, the noise of cars humming in the background, an occasional gust of wind, perhaps the moan of a stray cat, the streetlamp flickers... The fear, irrational as it seems to you, starts to creep into your mind and you wish for… Continue reading Stalker (en)