You see! It’s not difficult using your head,
But lo! Here comes the thought bringing me dread…

          Each of us treads many paths during the course of his life, but there are always some we share. Esproute is for those who have chosen the paths of curiosity, brooding, sentiment but mainly common sense. So let us walk side by side, if not for long, then at least for a brief moment, which can sometimes mean a lot more.

         You can find many things on Esproute: poetry, short stories, journal entries and in-depth reflections of the most severe, or the most trivial, issues of our daily struggles. (mostly by the same author) Among these things may you also find joy, amusement, nourishment for your curious mind and inspiration. Follow me!

No! It is true, we are really the same,
We merely give our cravings a different name…